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Hello and welcome to my page,

It all began back in 2007 when I decided to move to the United Kingdom from my home country, Hungary. I have had noone to rely on in the UK, I started building up my new life from basics, alone in the first couple of months. Slowly I started to feel that when I asked for information from different people -strangers- most of the times they help me with the info I needed without hesitation, they smiled back on me when I expected so much worse. This small thing gave my faith back in humanity. I have learnt that we are not alone in this World, no matter where we are or who we are. There is massive power in bringing people together. Well… I am so grateful for all the help I received from people from different background and from different culture.

I decided to give something back to the community. So from now on -as a freelance web developer- I will build one website each month for a person living with disabilities, I will host it and maintain it for one whole year for free of charge. A website or an online shop can help someone to build up their own home-based business so to make their living without even leaving their homes. I can’t guarantee success but having a professionally built website can be one of the first massive steps to reach our goals.

If you are a registered disabled or if you know anyone living with disabilities and they can’t get a job away from their homes but they have a good business idea that would need a website please complete the Application Form here:

I am sure I will receive a lot of applications but I would like to do this only to who really needs it so I have to do some sort of filtering or screening. I would like to work only with registered disabled people. I am aiming to reply back to everyone but I am just one guy doing this project so I can’t guarantee a reply for each and every application and -of course- I won’t be able to fulfill all applications. I will select one application randomly each month.

I will post more and more updates about these project on my profile here. Building a website takes a lot of time, I am trying to do this in parallel with my own work and -at the moment- I have capacity to volunteer only one website in a month. If this project will be successful and we can reach our first goal with supporters then I will be able to do two websites for people in need. Maybe more after a while, let’s see how it goes.