It's tough, isn't it?

When you're trying to manifest money and nothing seems to be working. But don’t just give up!

You aren't alone - there are many people out there who also struggle with this problem too.

I want everyone reading these words right now to know that the number one reason why they haven’t been able to attract abundance into their lives,

Has very little do with what kind of spiritual work or manifestation techniques they’re doing.

Because you know what they say, knowledge is indeed power.

Knowing what is blocking you from turning your desires into reality will help you overcome them.

Ready? It’s called…

Lack of self-love.

Shocking? I know. Maybe you’re thinking, what does self-love have to do with your manifestations?

No matter how ready you are, how clear you’ve set your intention, and how often you do meditation —

If you don’t love yourself enough and treat yourself with kindness, manifestation will be far.

It can block you and hold you back from what you desire.

When you lack self-love, it shows up in your life. And it can also mean a lot of things.

You might have a mindset that says “I am not loveable.” You hold on to this fear.

It resurfaces in your manifestations too because this fear leads you to negative thinking -

With self-sabotaging thoughts that swirl in your mind until it is all that you can focus on.

What could be the cause of lacking self-love? It stems from your childhood.

Your parents might not have given you enough attention or when you feel like you have achieved something, they just shrug it off as if it is no big deal.

It might also be from a previous romantic relationship where your partner is almost always absent in your wins and losses.

So, how do you fight this? How do you rise above this lack of self-love and get your manifestations going?

Combat It With Self-care, Kindness, And Positivity.


It is time to do things that you love, things that uplift you and make you feel good.

And this could be ANYTHING!

You can start eating what you want, your comfort food.

You can go shopping for clothes, and try on dresses or shirts that you feel confident in.

You can focus on creativity and paint, write, dance, and sing!

Self-care is giving your mind and body the care and attention it needs.

Listen to what it has to say. And do it.

Do amazing, smile-inducing things for you.


Don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you can be kind to other people, all the more reason to be kind to yourself.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes or for your shortcomings. Do not dwell on them.

And the most important one: talk to yourself kindly.

Yes, your day might be stressful.

Yes, it feels like you can’t do it anymore. But don’t lash out.

Don’t feed the negativity and blame yourself.

Be kind. Be loving.


I am not saying for you to focus only on positivity, but rather give way to it.

When it arrives, welcome it with open arms and let it stay.

Tune into the feeling of being positive and let it make you feel good.

Being positive isn’t about completely shutting out negativity.

It just means that you will acknowledge it and let it go.

No attachments.

When you love yourself, your manifestations are bound to happen soon.

Do you think you lack self-love?