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I AM Master Lolingo, or Angel by birth name, an emerging Spiritual Leader in Cosmic Consciousness. Sautéed in Noetic Sciences, Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Spirituality, Mysticism, Alchemy, Numerology, Non-duality, etc. 

As I remember who I am and step into my role at this time, a number of topics and lessons fill my plate; New skills, courses, books, practices, travels, and tools are on queue, which your contribution will help me take on, out of which I will eventually be able to redirect back onto you and the rest of the followers of my message.

All that goes around comes around, and whether by me or through divine intervention, you will be repaid in one way or another. 

I’ve done my part by asking, and will continue to do my part by sharing content, guiding others, and developing helpful  projects. 

Thank you in advance. I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t of utter importance and significant to our collective evolution.

Much love and blessings.

Peace be onto you always. 

Namaste. 🕉