"Mom, I'm home!" A young lady called out.

She had been away from her family for years and could finally come back for a family reunion.

"Sweetie!" Her mom called out as she rushed to her.

"Auntie!" A young boy called out as he ran out from the house.

"Hey there bud!" The lady said as she patted her nephew's head.

"How have you been? I hope you have been eating well," Her mom said.

"Don't worry mom, I'm fine and healthy!" The lady replied.

"If you don't mind, you will have to share your room with your nephew." Her mom said.

"You hear that bud? We get to share a room together!" The lady said as her nephew bounced up and down.

"Just make sure he actually gets some sleep," Her sister said.

"Don't worry sis! I am responsible enough!" The lady said smiling as her mom rolled her eyes behind her.

For the rest of the day the party had fun, laughing, talking, catching up, and eating together.

As night approached, the lady and her nephew soon grew tired so the both of them retired to their room.

It was about 3 am when her nephew woke her up, clearly crying and scared.

"Hey bud, what's wrong?" The lady asked gently.

"I-I had a dream where there was a huge monster and a ghost, chasing me down the hallway!" The boy wailed as he buried his face in her blankets.

The lady thought for a bit before remembering something her mom told her when she had the same fears.

"Do you remember Bentley and Whiskers?" The lady asked, referring to her childhood dog and cat who was surprisingly still alive.

"Yes," The boy nodded.

"Well, Grandma told me this when I was your age too, and I think it will help you," The lady said, "She said that Bentley is a dog that eats all the monsters and Whiskers is a special cat that eats all the ghost that comes near us!"

"Really?" The boy said as his eyes widened.

The lady smiled, glad that the story was working.

"Yes, and they will gobble them all up like how you gobbled up that chicken at dinner!" She said as she tickled the boy's stomach, earning a laugh from him.

If only she knew, that at that very moment, the dog was growling at something in the bushes and the cat was licking off some glowing substance from its paws.