"I'm sorry, what?" A man asked as his friend, a scientist nodded eagerly.

"It's true! Me and my team has finally succeeded in time travelling!" His friend said, "We sent a basket of things five minutes into the future, and five minutes later that basket appeared next to us, we did it!"

"Well, congratulations buddy! This is a big accomplishment!" The man said as he patted his friend's back.

"Thing is, we will need a human to volunteer so we can send them twelve hours into the future on the day of the showcase," His friend said, "And I was wondering if you could do it?"

The man froze.

"I promise it will be safe! And we will pay you money and if you don't make it out the money will go to your family!" His friend assured.

"I will have to think about it," The man replied.

"Understandable, do tell me if you made up your mind," His friend said before going off.

For the rest of the week, the man could only think about the time machine and how it would benefit his family. Finally, he called his friend.

Preparations were made and soon, it was the day that he will officially be the first man ever to time travel, he was quite nervous but he trusted his friend.

"Ladies and gentlemen," He heard his friend say, "For years, us humans has made movies about time travelling and placed it as something that we could only dreamed of. But today, is the day it will become real! After years of me and my team doing research, we finally sent a basket of things five minutes in to the future, successfully!"

A video then showed the experiment and a great applause was heard from the crowd.

"And today, we will be sending the very first man twelve hours into the future!" His friend said.

The man walked out and the crowd cheered and applauded.

The team of scientists prepared the man and he was put into the time machine, his friend nodded reassuringly before turning back to the crowd.

"When I press this button he will be sent back!" He called out.

There was a countdown and the scientist pressed the button, there was a flash of light and the man was transported.

The first thing he checked was the digital clock in the time machine, sure enough it showed that it was twelve hours into the future.

But why wasn't there anyone helping him out or any noise?

After struggling for a short while, the man opened the door and froze.

The room where everyone was is now dark and empty, blood was splattered across the room. Towards his left, something caught his eye.

Painted with blood on the wall was a simple sentence that sent a chill down his body.

"I'm sorry."