"Why won't he leave me alone!" A young woman said as she slammed her hands on a table.

Behind her were maps of the city, notes that was obviously scribbled down in a hurry, and a picture of a young man that had a knife in the middle.

"I have been trying for so long to correct what is wrong with the government, but no! He must come out just when I'm about to succeed and interfere with my plans!" She yelled in anger again.

"But this time, he won't stop me, I will defeat him and right this corrupted place!"

And so, she turned back to the map behind her and started laying out her plans.

At the other side of the city, there was an important meeting being held.

"We suspect that her next attack will be in the very heart of the city, and we need you to stop her," Someone said.

Everyone turned their heads to the supposed hero, the same man that she hated the most.

"I will do my best," He said.

Three days later, and their prediction had came true. She had attacked.

"Get the civilians out of here!" The hero yelled as he charged at her.

"Ugh you again? Why can't you leave me alone!" She yelled as she destroyed another building.

The fighting lasted for hours on end, many people lost their lives and many things were destroyed.

Finally, she stood victoriously over the hero, who was barely alive.

"Finally, now you can't stop me!" She laughed happily.

"Why, why do you do this?" The hero asked.

"Isn't it clear? This government is corrupted! When I reached out for help they turned the other way, when the people here are suffering, they indulged the money on themselves instead of the people's welfare! They don't deserve their position!"

"Doesn't that mean you are not that different from them?" The hero asked.

"W-what do you mean?"

"Look at what you have caused."

She looked around, and saw the fire, the destruction, the people crying out and sirens wailing. Everyone was running, and bodies littered the street, the smell of blood so strong, but she didn't notice it before.

"No, I'm different! I'm saving the people!" She yelled, but stopped when someone nearby screamed when they saw her and ran.

"Can't you see what you caused? Nothing you did helped!" The hero yelled, before stopping and coughing out blood.

She paused and stared at horror at her own hands, covered in blood that wasn't her own, ashes from the building she destroyed, and bruises.

"I am... The villain?"