Death looked nervously at the list of people left on Earth, a total of five names only.

Earth have reached an apocalyptical stage, and only five humans remain. Once Death claims them, Death itself will die.

Ironically, Death wasn't a big fan of well, death. It especially didn't want to kill the last five people because it wanted to live.

So instead, Death decided to do something it has never dreamed of before. It will go to Earth and help the five remaining people. Of course they will be invisible, it doesn't need the five to see it.

Down to Earth it went, and right on time. One of the five was cornered by beasts and was just about to accept their faith, but Death stood in front of them. The beasts could sense Death's presence and backed away.

The person stared in disbelief that the beasts had backed off and ran away. How could that be?

At that very moment, a woman came rushing to him.

"Oh, thank god! I was so worried that you died Jacob!" The woman said as she hugged him.

"You won't believe what just happened Danica," Jacob said and proceeded to explain the incident.

Death smiled to itself before following the both of them back to their base where the other three people are.

Over the days, inexplainable things that couldn't be brushed off as coincidence anymore happened. It started with a little nudge they felt towards the right thing they needed, a door slamming open to a place full of food, to a bunch of weapons that was piled up randomly.

The five noticed something was protecting them, when beasts of all sorts are about to attack them, something will stand in front of them and scare the beasts away.

Death will go out of its way to wander around the city at night to find places they needed, fix bridges for them to cross, scare of anything that could get in their way, and made them feel at peace.

It was one of the oddest things anyone have ever seen Death do.

"So I don't think we can ignore this anymore," One of the five, David, called to them.

Death sat in a corner watching everything curiously.

"There is obviously something protecting us, we all had incidents where we could have died but it have been protecting us all this while."

The other four nodded in agreement.

"And I think I know what to call the thing that is protecting us," David said.

Death looked up curiously, what were they going to call it?