Jun 10, 2022


HI HI I KNOW I DONT HAVE ANY SUPPORTERS HERE BUT TO WHOEVER SEES THIS PLS NOTICEHi, I'm Lollipop, and i enjoy writing. I started this account purely for fun and now I'm in need of some helpI have this trip coming up for my school and i need just $250 more to go.Pls, consider donating or commissioning if you enjoy my stories, it will mean a lot

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Feb 26, 2022

Stuck in Time

Nov 29, 2021

Dog eats monsters, cat eats ghosts

"Mom, I'm home!" A young lady called out.She had been away from her family for years and could finally come back for a family reunion."Sweetie!" Her mom called out as she rushed to her."Auntie!" A young boy called out as he ran out from the house."Hey there bud!" The lady said as she patted her nephew's head."How have you been? I hope you have been eating well," Her mom said."Don't worry mom, I'm fine and healthy!"... more

Nov 08, 2021

I'm sorry

"I'm sorry, what?" A man asked as his friend, a scientist nodded eagerly."It's true! Me and my team has finally succeeded in time travelling!" His friend said, "We sent a basket of things five minutes into the future, and five minutes later that basket appeared next to us, we did it!""Well, congratulations buddy! This is a big accomplishment!" The man said as he patted his friend's back."Thing is, we will need a human to volunteer so... more

Nov 08, 2021

You are human... Right?

There it was again, the foul taste in my mouth as my friend launch off about a bunch of excuses of why she didn't do the assignment again.The disgusting taste in my mouth only appears when someone tells a lie, it is rather handy when you need to know who is real or fake.I raised an eyebrow at my friend before she finally stopped rambling."Okay fine, so maybe I got a little too caught up with the series I was watching," She admitted.I sighed and shook my head, "Honestly, you... more

Nov 05, 2021


Death looked nervously at the list of people left on Earth, a total of five names only.Earth have reached an apocalyptical stage, and only five humans remain. Once Death claims them, Death itself will die.Ironically, Death wasn't a big fan of well, death. It especially didn't want to kill the last five people because it wanted to live.So instead, Death decided to do something it has never dreamed of before. It will go to Earth and help the five remaining people. Of course they will be... more

The thing in the Dead Sea
I am... The villain?
The perfect shot
Different names, same author
Don't tell them you can see
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