The dead sea, it is the saltiest sea in the world and nothing could live in it.

At least, that was what everyone thought until this very faithful day.

It was a common knowledge that salt keeps ghost away, and in this world spirits of all kinds roam around and just be a general nuisance to everyone.

Salt became a thing needed by everyone and the availability of salt slowly started to decrease.

An emergency meeting was held with the world leaders, to try to solve the problem.

"Maybe we could drain the ocean of the salt it holds!" One suggested.

"Impossible! It will affect the fish population and we will run out of food!" Another replied.

"Then let's drain the Dead Sea," A scientist suggested, "It has no life in it and it has plenty of salt!"

"Brilliant idea!"

"Well done!"

"Get the equipment ready now!"

Word spread about the scientist's brilliant idea and everyone was happy that the salt crisis will be solved.

In just 3 days, the equipment was gather and they began to extract the salt from the Dead Sea.

It took so long, almost a week, before the salt was finally drained out. Now all was left was a freshwater sea. A worker wiped the sweat from his brow and started to help with the packing up of the equipment.

"I can't wait to go back to my home, I can finally eat dinner with my family!" One of the workers said, smiling as they pull in the pipes that was in the sea.

"Yea! I'm going to get a gift for my little girl, she is turning 5 this year!" Another said.

But all that talk was interrupted when the ground started to shake and rumble.

Everyone turned around and saw the ground cracking, rocks were tumbling down, and trees were collapsing.

"W-what's happening?" Someone yelled.

"What is that?!" Another yelled.

Everyone turned their heads towards the sea, a huge creature was rising out from it. It had scales on its back, but the stomach was fluffy, it had wings and fangs, and a monstrous head that was so terrifying no one could look at it.

It took one look at everyone before letting out a monstrous roar that could be heard from miles away.

Turns out, the salt in the Dead Sea was needed to keep something sleeping.