There once was a woman who was the most vain person you have ever met, every second of the day must be about her and only her. Everywhere she goes there is sure to be a mirror following for she couldn't go one day without looking into one.

It will be lying to say she was ugly though, for she was the most beautiful woman one has ever seen.

One day, the woman became to prideful, and challenged a goddess to a beauty contest. The goddess was down for any challenge and accepted immediately. But the woman won and wounded the goddess' pride.

The goddess, in a fit of rage, cursed the woman. Every man the woman falls for, they will die.

At first the woman didn't believe her, but when she went back home to her fiancé, he was lying dead in the living room.

Word spread about the woman's curse and everyone avoided her like the plague. The woman, driven into insanity, tried to kill herself. But as if the curse wasn't enough, the goddess didn't allowed her to die, for she wanted her to live on until she was an old woman with the curse.

One day, a mysterious man appeared in the town where the woman lived, everyone was curious about him and immediately went to greet themselves.

He was the most handsome man you could ever see, he had all the ladies in the town falling heads over heels for him and all the men to be jealous about him.

The cursed woman looked at him from a distance, she couldn't deny it, he was beautiful.

It wasn't long before the man heard about the woman's curse, but instead of avoiding her, he started to talk to her.

At first the woman avoided him, she didn't want someone else to die because of her.

But the man persisted, when asked why he just shrugged his shoulders and continued on with his day. He never failed to greet her every morning and night.

Slowly, the woman decided to open up, and soon she was willing to struck up conversations with him. But she was careful about her feelings, scared to lose someone that was willing to talk to her.

Slowly, the man started to court her. She immediately tried to stop him but he insisted it will be fine.

Gifts appeared at her house, the little things she told him that she enjoyed, not once did any of those gifts failed to put a smile on her face.

Every now and then, a poem will appear or a song. One that will make her blush and smile.

Everyone in the town was aware of their relationship, they tried to stop the young man but he ignored them. They'd sighed and shake their heads when a new gift, poem, or song appears for her.

One night, the woman was staring at the moon, thinking about all the things he had given to her so far.

Ever so quietly, she whispered to herself that she loved him.

She froze, she had admitted it and now he was going to die.

She ran out of her house, trying not to cry as she urgently knocked at the man's door.

The man opened the door with a smile on his face before wiping away her tears and asking what was wrong.

The woman stared at the man in shock, wondering how he was still alive.

She was cursed with death, but he was blessed with immortality.