A photographer sat in a bar, thinking about the wedding he was asked to attend that day to take the wedding pictures.

Finally, he snapped out of his thoughts and noticed the pair of eyes staring at him, he turned around and noticed a young man that was observing him.

"Yes, how may I help you?" The photographer asked.

"Which is the best drink here?" The young man replied.

The photographer helped the young man select a drink before returning back to his own drink, there was a moment of silence before the young man broke the silence.

"If you don't mind me asking, what were you thinking about earlier?"

"Oh, I was thinking about the wonderful shots I got at a wedding earlier today," The photographer replied with a smiling face.

"In your mind, what is the best way to take a shot?" The young man inquired.

The photographer was delighted that someone took interest in his work, and immediately started a discussion with the young man.

"I always like to see a genuine smile on their face before I capture the shot, it will look beautiful!" The photographer said.

"I prefer to take it without them noticing," The young man replied.

"That is a good idea also, it makes it natural," The photographer said smiling.

Throughout the night, both of them talked and talked, stating their opinions and advices.

Finally, the clock struck 1 in the morning, and the photographer prepared to take his leave.

"Where do you usually take the shots?" The young man asked.

"I like to take it as close as possible so I can get some good angles," The photographer replied.

"I like to get as far as from them as possible so they won't suspect it," The young man said as he finished the last of his drink.

"That is an interesting approach but if it works for you, then it should be fine," The photographer said.

"May I see what model you use?" The young man asked.

The photographer nodded eagerly and took out his camera from his bag.

"A beauty isn't she. I captured many wonderful memories with her!" The photographer said proudly.

The young man raised an eyebrow ever so slightly as he took the camera and observed it.

"It is a good camera."

"May I see your model?" The photographer asked.

The young man smirked and opened his bag and showed it to the photographer.

Expecting to see a camera, the photographer eagerly looked into the bag. The smile on his face fell as he looked at the man in horror.

"I prefer to use this baby over here for long distance shots, and this one is for the nearer ones," The young man explained.

"These guns are beautiful, aren't they?"