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The Midlife Sexy Mamas are confident & beautifully flawed self-loving women. Proud of how well our bodies serve us and fearless with sharing our unique inner and outer beauty that God gave us! 

Feel free to join us by using the hashtag: #msm💃 and uplifting one another with non-toxic positivity, love, and support. 

About me: 

I’m into personal growth, mental health, experimenting with Human Design, counting ingredients-not calories, like to walk, believe that love is a lifestyle, and all bodies are a beautiful piece of artwork. 

I'm a solo GenX Mom to a preteen that struggled with infertility for about 11 years or so. Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I don't take too many things personally and prefer one-on-one interactions. 

I create social media banners and workbooks using Canva Pro. and write copy for a talented web designer - 

I'm a podcast host - 

I offer personal growth sessions for you to be fully heard without judgement, interruptions, questioning, advice, or comparison, and leaving space for comfortable silence to process emotions.

I sell an FDA cleared Class Two Medical Device…

The Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulator increases microcirculatory blood flow to enhance:

• Cardiac Function 

• Sleep Management

• The body’s nutrient, oxygen supply, and waste disposal

• Physical fitness, injury prevention, performance, muscular conditioning, endurance, strength, recovery, and energy

• Concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction, and relaxation

• General blood flow

• Overall Well-Being 

More info. -

All my links -

Find me on most social media - @lori.its.time

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