Is As the World Turns even still on the air anymore? That's where I came up with the As the Dysfunction Turns. It was an old soap opera. Who remembers that? I didn't watch it but can remember the intro to it. T.V. and music is so powerful, isn't it?

This week on Dysfunctional AF, I've learned that I will just need to bite the bullet and pay the $20. a month for the StreamYard to retract the audio from the video. That tier also allows for better audio I think and to not have their logo on the video among other things!

I've also continued to post when I can on social media. I'm still working on the other podcast so it's difficult to create the podcast itself at this moment, but I am just so excited to get going with it!!!!!

It's a matter of finding quiet time to record also. It's easier to write than it is to speak in my house at times. A lot of noise with an 11-year old boy!! ;-)

I'm good to do very short speaking videos because I can always re-record them if I'm interrupted. So, I'll try to continue doing that for the YouTube as often as I can.

I'm just getting more confused going into Clubhouse to hear all the great advice around podcasting. I think if I wait for perfecting it or having all the right tools, it will never happen. So, I'll move on with what I know for now. Not letting any obstacles (rather they're real or made up in my head) stand in my way!

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