This is episode 33, Vulnerability is Ok.

I wanted to throw my computer out the day we recorded! UGH! Have I mentioned how much I dislike figuring out this technology? lol We recorded about 10 minutes and it wasn't going well at all with the feedback! Jo Deb was incredibly patient and kind enough to start over. It started out just fine until we got to a certain part and it started acting up again. At that point we just went with it. She's a trooper and was able to pull it off despite not fully hearing me. I felt like I couldn't speak because of all the feedback. We can still hear her and that's the most important part. No perfectionism going on here. lol

Ok, now let's get to the meat of it all -

I love that Jo Deb is able to begin a new and less stressful path with her new liver. How much she is grateful and thinks about her donor and her donors family. You have to check out her art work, it's beautiful.

I was first drawn to Jo Deb when she spoke about being a volunteer for the children of abuse in the court system with CASA. I admired her dedication, commitment, and love she has for that work. It takes a special heart to be able to hear such cruelty placed on our innocent children.

The YouTube video wasn't edited nor was there an intro/outro.

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