Ending the stigma of family recovery from addiction. It takes a village, even for adults!

Debbie bring up the point that being attached to the cause doesn't allow room for the detachment work, self-care, and boundary work.

She also brings up that a "good" or "bad" upbringing boils down to perception. There's always something within an upbringing that isn't so beautiful.

I enjoyed my time with Debbie and learned so much from her! She has amazing insights having gone through this with a family member. Her patience, knowledge, and ability to help others makes her a superhero!

Debbie is a certified Inquiry-Based Coach who is also trained in The Work of Byron Katie. She's also a self-inquiry coach and facilitator for a non-profit recovery group for addiction-affected family members.

There is a ton of information and help right at our fingertips. It's what we do or do not do with that information that counts. We have to want it, it cannot be forced onto us.

Side Note/behind the scenes - This would be episode 45 and all the pre-recorded episodes I've done (total of 3 more) for Co-Creating Impact podcast will not be placed on the Co-Creating Impact podcast platform or the website as the owner of these platforms has decided not to release them there. I will continue to release them on YouTube and market them as well as do the celebratory TikTok lives for each one. I know it's not what the Co-Creators signed up for but that part is out of my hands. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!

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