It's time to explore the Human Design of Motivation (not the typical definition of it). Starting with the first one which is Fear (not the typical definition of it). I will post the other 5 later. You can find what your motivation line is by looking up your chart on

There are 6 Motivation lines:

(1) Fear

(2) Hope

(3) Desire

(4) Need

(5) Guilt

(6) Innocence

Motivation in the Human Design System describes how you are designed to provide your uniqueness to the other when it's correct for you to do so. It's a deeper part of the Human Design substructure. As with most of the Human Design language, I urge you not to take the meaning at face value or think that your motivation line is literally what drives you. It's just another tool to provide some insight for us to understand what could be driving our patterns and behaviors.

(1) Fear Motivation -

This motivation is tied to survival instincts. It's our most basic need to understand something to its core.

We want to know all the details of the things that we are interested in. We dive deep, research, and explore in constant pursuit of truth. We question things that others may not question and are not satisfied with knowing things just on the surface level. We need to know everything or as much as we can in order to feel safe. We wonder if it's better to work on things alone or in a group.

We prefer to give ourselves plenty of time to really investigate something before we commit our energy to it completely. Although we are always searching to get to the root of truth, we must be mindful to not let that need to be 100% certain stand between us taking action for our own personal growth.

When we feel rooted and secure in our knowing enough about something, we are better able to make a decision.

Our Human Design motivation line is just one part of the whole picture. Take in the information and experiment with it. Do you find that things work out differently when you follow your Human Design motivation line? Remember it's important to follow your type (mine is projector), strategy (mine is to wait for the invitation), and your authority (mine is ego/heart).

P.S. If you want a deeper rabbit hole, there's also the Transferred Motivation to look into. My Human Design Motivation is Fear and my Transferred Motivation is Need. Basically, the Transferred Motivation is like the Not-Self Motivation. If I make a decision from my Transferred (not-self) Need Motivation instead of my Fear Motivation, it typically isn't the right decision and will lead to feeling bitter. Bitter is my Not-Self theme as a Projector Type.

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