It's time to explore Human Design Profile lines 2/4 the Hermit/Opportunist. As with most Human Design language, I urge you not to take the meaning at face value or think that your profile lines is literally what drives you. It's just another tool to provide some insight for us to understand what could be driving our patterns and behaviors.

You can find all sorts of free information on the web and Youtube. There's also a few places to make your FREE Human Design chart. I like and

The above profile isn't mine. But you can see the profile from this one by looking at the first numbers in the two rows. The right side is the conscious/personality side 38.1 and the left side is the subconscious/design side 48.3. So, this profile is a 1/3. the 38 and 48 are gates and we can dive into them at a later time.

Even if your profile is different than mine (2/4) You could have the 2 or the 4 line in other parts of your body graph. Such as the example there are four line 2's in the conscious side and two line 2's in the subconscious side in different gates.

There are 12 Profiles and is considered the costume of our purpose. It is the recognition of the fundamental duality that exists within each of us. The basis of the Profile is the Hexagram.

The six basic Profile line themes are:

(1) Investigator

(2) Hermit

(3) Martyr

(4) Opportunist

(5) Heretic

(6) Role Model

I'm a hermit opportunist by design (Human Design). That's a 2/4 profile. Which means I'm aware (conscious) of my hermit tendencies and unaware (subconscious) of my opportunist tendencies.

The Hermit (line 2 profile) loves to recharge by being alone. Has the natural ability to pick up on things quickly. Needs someone to draw them out of the hermit mode by recognizing what they are good at and inviting them to do something. Then it's up to the hermit to accept or not accept that invitation depending on their strategy to make the best decision for themselves. My strategy is the ego/heart/will which means I need to feel a strong will to know that it's something I really want (have the will) to do before accepting it.

The Opportunist (line 4 profile) is a natural born people person/networker. A natural connector of people/bringing people together. This profile line is in my subconscious. Which just means I identify more with the hermit (which I do) rather than the natural born people person! Although relationships mean a great deal to me, I still would much rather be alone.

Our Human Design Profile is just one part of the whole picture. Take in the information and experiment with it. Do you find that things work out differently when you follow your Human Design Profile? Remember it's important to follow your type (mine is a projector), your strategy (mine is to wait for the invitation), and your authority (mine is ego/heart).

What are your Profile numbers?

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