Well, I've been studying all about the Human Design System and I'm impressed! I wanted a place to explore this experimentation and I couldn't think of a better place than here. BTW, the above photo isn't my chart.

So, hop along on my personal Human Design experiment! It's called experiment because it's NOT meant to be a 'follow it all or nothing' type of thing. It's NOT a belief system. It's just a guide, another tool to help us understand ourselves and others better. A self-knowledge system. Becoming aware of how we can put our best foot forward according to our unique energy life force.

As with most of the Human Design language, I urge you not to take the meaning of some words at face value.

Have you explored the Human Design System? You can find a little explanation when you click on the Human Design Session under my extras tab. There is a ton of free information on the web and on YouTube.

There's a lot to discover on this journey of experimentation but the first thing that intrigued me were the 5 types in the Human Design System. So, let's begin there.

5 Human Design Types

  • Manifester

  • Generators

  • Manifesting Generators

  • Projectors

  • Reflectors

Per my Human Design Chart I'm a Projector which means I'm able to see into the energy of others and experience people in unique ways which allows me to be a great leader. My wisdom comes from seeing others, seeing a system, or seeing a concept in a new way. Projectors are GUIDES.

Side note - So far on my own personal wellness journey, I've discovered that in my Human Design chart my type is a Projector who sees into the energy of others. I identify as Clairsentience (described as a clear feeling) meaning sensing and feeling the energies around me. And I've always identified as an empath which is described as highly aware of the emotions of those around me (could be a trauma response for not knowing how I feel but knowing the feelings of others). And there's also something in my Human Design chart that says that I carry the energy to bring the unknown into knowing bringing into the world an inner knowing. AND my chart has the 3 bottom centers undefined. Actually I have a lot of centers that are undefined. Which means I absorb others energies in those centers.

There are two other key factors that aide in the Human Design to go along with the Projector type. One is what is called strategy. The projectors strategy is to wait for recognition and invitations.

This means that as I'm waiting for an invitation, I'm studying my craft, possibly putting myself out there a little bit in the direction I want to take, and doing the back end of things to prepare for the invitations. It's said that I must protect my energy with whom I choose to accept invitations. Invitations can be for jobs, relationships, moving, and etc. I haven't always been good at this, but am learning through the unconditioning process.

Projectors are here to help guide the Manifesters (best when they are making a difference), the Generators (destined to build/do the work), and the Manifesting Generators (holds both Generators & Manifesters characteristics). The Reflectors are very attuned to the world around them and quickly pick up on the quality of energy that they come into contact with daily.

Projectors are better when working about 3 hours during the day and resting more often.

The Second key factor is the Authority. This is how we make our decisions. Mine is the Ego Authority. In this case the ego has more to do with the heart and isn't what you may think of when hearing the word ego.

My decision making process comes from my will to do something. When I receive the correct recognition and invitation for something, I listen to my will. Do I have the will to sustain, participate, and/or move forward with such an invitation? If it's a strong yes, I'll accept the recognition and invitation.

Another factor in my particular Human Design chart is the way it's recommended for Projectors to manifest. I have a 'strategic' way that is recommended to manifest which means the usual way; lists, visualization, and etc. The other way within the Human Design chart is to have the 'receptive' way to manifest which doesn't require the lists and etc. I will write about this one later.

There's so much more to go into about this, but our attention spans are limited now-a-days. lol

Just having this awareness about myself has already impacted my life and how I interact within our chaotic world.

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