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My RV Life/Lori's Story

Apr 25, 2021

My life is GRAND!!!!! I have a driver to take us where we want to go in our RV whenever we want that also lets our very well trained standard poodle out when she/he needs to pee/poo. The driver also takes care of all maintenance with the RV and our vehicle.

We travel comfortably and I have a successful business that I love doing!! I get to walk in comfortable whether with our standard poodle and see beautiful things that I can take great photos of.

My kiddo couldn't be happier in life and is surrounded by good influencers, love, and kindness.

I have so much support and love around me at all times! I never have to worry about money again and I am able to monetarily give back now which feels so incredibly good.

There are like-minded people around me to fill my soul with love and in return I'm able to give it back to them and to others. I feel at peace and never rushed in life.

My soulmate is into the same type of foods that I'm into and likes to cook as well. He's independently wealthy, likes to take care of himself, is kind, doesn't smoke cigarettes or marijuana, doesn't drink alcohol, doesn't do recreational drugs, doesn't do over the counter drugs, and gives me what I need as I give him what he needs. We share the same vision with helping others on our mission.

*Manifesting starts with letting go of limiting beliefs, feeling worthy, knowing exactly what you want with details, setting the intention, visualizing, having gratitude, acting as if it's already here, and putting it out there without expectations on how it will happen! Then taking the small action steps to allow it into our lives.

There are many ways to achieve our goals but just as many excuses. If you would like to chat more about the lifestyle changes you're ready for, please go to the extras tab to book a time to chat for your Personal Growth Session.

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