Beauty is everywhere. I seem to be noticing the beauty more since Covid. Anyone else?

I've walked almost every day for about a year now and wanted to share some of what I capture along the way...

Pink Tree - On this day, I noticed 3 eagles flying around this colorful tree and just had to get a shot!

Green grass with Trees - We stumbled on a little hiking path! So much beauty all around this area! 

Sunset on the lake - As I watched this sunset, I thought of all the great memories from my Uncle, who was more like a dad to me! This was taken the day we had his services. 

Roots clinging to earth with river - What an incredible find on our outdoor adventure this was! 

River stone skipping - Turned into stone plopping. lol Still fun though!

Ducks and Geese with the unfreezing lake - The water was thawing from the winter and there were plenty of ducks and geese around enjoying the water!

3 Horses - My Uncle's babies were happy to see us for a visit.

Mushroom growing on tree - Stumbled on this one and had to stop for a photo opp.

Bridge with trees - No longer in use, this old bridge lent a walk through memory lane.

Tall winter trees - What a site this was! Can you believe that we came across this beautiful scene while walking around a huge cemetery?!

Lone tree by the lake - As we slowly watched our local lake begin to thaw, we captured some breathtaking moments!

Lake between the trees - Another incredible look at our local lake thawing!

Tree branch, open space, and water - Might be a little hard to see the water in this shot, but it was such a beautiful day!

Open field with blue skies - The contrast of the blue and green with a few little clouds drew my eye to this one! 

My Big Broccoli Tree - Doesn't it look like a big piece of broccoli that's been cut in two? I just love trees!

Golf - I love the serenity of a golf course when the day is over. 

Happy dog - This is my friends dog named Oscar wearing his smile as usual!!! :-)

Bridge with bird - This was a fun day my kiddo and I had in Cincinnati!