Taking the time to celebrate the hard work that our superhero nurses have done throughout history and especially during the stressful times of a pandemic! Honoring them even though they are humble like Eric.

I enjoyed getting to know Eric through TikTok and have had a lot of fun with him. I'm so happy he opened up about his experience with being a nurse and the tools that help him with stress.

This is the last episode that I pre-recorded for Co-Creating Impact Podcast.

Side Note/behind the scenes - This would be episode 48 and all the pre-recorded episodes I've done for Co-Creating Impact podcast will not be placed on the Co-Creating Impact podcast platform or the website as the owner of these platforms has decided not to release them there. I will continue to release them on YouTube and market them as well as do the celebratory TikTok lives for each one. I know it's not what the Co-Creators signed up for but that part is out of my hands. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!

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Eric on TikTok 

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