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Louise Etheridge is a writer, stand-up poet, lyricist and also a singer with UK a cappella group, The Dirty Carols. Having never found her niche, she does all the niches.

Life can be a bit serious, so Louise cheers herself up with rude and/or funny and/or helpful words and hopes she can cheer other people up with same.

She's been commissioned to write her comic poetry for nice people like Sandi Toksvig, and her stand-up poetry shows are sold out, evidently because people like rude and funny poetry.

Louise's poetry books, "Slightly Wrong" and "More Slightly Wrong", are available on Amazon and reviews are quite nice so far. Yay. 

She is chief lyricist for The Dirty Carols, a quartet of women who sing rude stuff in yet more sold-out shows (Edinburgh Fringe 2021, here we come!).

She also writes on Medium (when she gets around to it).

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