Our society is uncomfortable discussing death in general.

Talking about child death is practically off limits. I know it's because losing a child is EVERY parent's worst nightmare.

Not talking about it doesn't make it not exist. I know it's too much for our brains to comprehend. I live it every day.

When you choose to bring attention and awareness to a subject, such as child loss, you take the risk of people not wanting to be a part of the conversation. That is o.k. also. Trust me, I know it's hard to think about and talk about.

But what is not o.k. is to attack people in a safe space when they have the courage to bring up a difficult subject. It takes a lot of strength and vulnerability to talk about something that makes people want to crawl out of their skin, at the mere thought of it.

I was on a page where people write about losing their children and babies. Someone wrote a beautiful article about how painful it is to have family and friends not acknowledge the loss of their baby.

And someone got on and started saying that you shouldn't expect people to feel the way you want them to and that no one wants to hear about dead babies. It struck me to the point that I felt I needed to speak up.

Most of the time, if I don't agree with something, I just keep on scrolling. This time, I felt the need to try to shed some light on why people write about their grief and this person lost their mind.

It was a quick reminder to me why I will continue to share. I know I am giving a voice to people who can't or don't write about their loss. I realize it is a very difficult subject, but not talking about it and working to de-stigmatize it will not change the fact that people will continue to have miscarriages, still births and child death.

If I can say one thing that might help someone who is grieving or someone that wants to support a grieving person, then I am making a difference. I won't let people who can't handle it change my path. It's too important.

I was thrust into the world of child death, a world that no one wants to be a part of. Because of this, I will always be very protective of the safe places that people before me have worked to establish.