Warning: This story includes graphic details of death and gore. Discretion is advised.

A few days ago I posted about the horror idea my son and I came up with. Without further ado, "Night Awakening".

  I was getting ready for a party at Nick's house. The moon was shining down, and I had the alcohol ready for the party. The walk to his house was mundane.  From the owls hooting to the ambulances in the distance, it was a normal night...at least that’s what I initially thought. As I turned the corner, the feeling of the hairs standing up on my neck was strong and unnerving. The feeling persisted as I ran onto Nick's steps, but subsided only a bit when I went inside the house.

     As the party raged on, Nick noticed me peering out the windows more often, and gave me a strange stare. I looked back at him, but went back to looking outside again. Pretending that nothing happened was hard, and it felt lonely. Everyone started to leave as the party ended, and I asked Nick if he could walk me back to my place. He looked at me apprehensively, but he said yes. We're walking towards my house when I noticed he's also looking around. Nick, who's always been the strong one, had a look of fear in his eyes. While he's mentioning to me how he's feeling, we hear a sound, an ungodly sound that can only be formed in the depths of hell. The sound of a roar with a gurgle echoed throughout the darkness. We both turn around, and this thing, this rotting roaring thing comes hobbling towards us. Its eyes are fixed on us, and we can only see darkness and death. One eye started to droop downwards, almost like taffy, and continued to chase us. It sets a pace faster than we can run, and Nick yells for me to run.

     I ran as fast as I could, and hid behind a tree. Nick ran past me, but this demon caught him. The scream from Nick was horrible, spine-chilling, and painful. I saw Nick tumble to the ground, and the thing tore into his torso. He's gurgling as he laid there, dying. I can see his stomach contents, what used to be his intestine, and his heart...his heart was still beating! I ran from the tree as fast as I could. The tears flowed as I started to miss him. For myself, I had to keep running. I heard the roar as I continued to run.  I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk that sealed my doom. The thing came towards me, and all I can do is yell as the owls continue to hoot.

     Waking up in the hospital was startling, but it seemed everything was a dream. The dream felt too surreal. Nick came to visit and asked how I was doing. I looked at him strangely and I told him I was  OK. His eyeball slid down, and his skin started to slough off his body. Right there I knew this wasn't a dream, and I was next.