"Nightmares of the Lucid Child" has entered edits! This is a very exciting time since we now see who "The One" is. The book cover should be done soon, and will be uploaded on Kindle. We project presales will start around September.

There is one project I am so excited for and looking forward to sharing it with you. I will be doing a short story series from the POV of a detective within the Lucid Universe. These will be shared on Kindle Vella.

The Awakening has already started, and the detective is investigating mysterious deaths plaguing the city. He is stumped, until the death of his father. What he discovers leads him on a path of darkness with the Malbronoj Ombroj.

Another series I will be working on, once the new book comes out, is going to be highly anticipated. This series will be from the POV of the Lucids and their lineage. I'm figuring out the details, so stay tuned for that series.

Those are a couple of projects we are working on, and more are to follow. We're going to do dark poems portraying the Lucids, and we might be able to get some drawings going, as well. I am so glad you're a part of this journey, and know the Lucid Universe has only begun.