WARNING: This post contains spoilers from my debut book "Tales of the Lucids: Stories Before the Awakening". There will be some triggers ranging from mental health to other dark topics. You have been warned.

While talking with my sister about my idea on the Lucids, she asked me a pivotal question: what exactly is a Lucid? I sat there thinking about this question. I told her the Lucids were an amalgamation of guardian angels, demons, "goodbye dreams", gods, and night terrors. A Lucid is an ethereal being that is formed when someone from their lineage passes away. They are the soul of the person...sort of. The lineage is their family members, and I'll use the term throughout this post.

There are three types of Lucids that I have introduced. Now, before I delve further into each Lucid, there are some characteristics that I won't talk about in this post. It will become complicated if I did, and would reveal things about the Lucids that are still in development in the Lucid Universe Series. In a future post, after the release of my second book, "Nightmares of the Lucid Child," the more complicated posts will talk about the nuances that were developed. And now...the Lucids.

The Prizorgonto

The first ones are the Prizorgontos. They are the Watchers. In life, these Lucids protected their lineage by observation. For example, in my fourth story "Watching the World," David did what he could to prevent his mother from inheriting anything when his father passed away. He wanted to make sure his wife, Theresa, was safe from his mother by banning her from the mansion by order of the security guards he had. Everything was done in the background. In the end, David passed in his sleep due to a heart condition he hid from Theresa and their daughter. He didn't want them to worry.

The physical characteristics of the Prizorgonto is pretty cool. Once the person passes, which is usually in a natural way, the Prizorgonto dons the wide-brimmed hat, and its cloak goes down to its feet. A golden color radiates from its eyes and hands, and grows brighter if it has to battle another Lucid, if it has to soothe the lineage they are talking to, or if they need to show their power to the lineage.

The Zorgonto

The second one is called the Zorgonto, or the Protector. In life, these are the people that protected people by giving their life to protect them. In the final story, "Protecting Within Darkness," Elena did everything to protect those around her. When Cora's ex started stalking her, Elena took her to her father's to hide her. With the battle between her cousin Daniel and the Malbronoj Ombroj (more on this Lucid in a bit), she took the Armilo de Mallumo (The Gun of Light)) from Daniel to stun the Malbronoj Ombroj close to the fire. She did everything she could to protect everyone. Unfortunately, Cora's ex murdered her in front of everyone. She became the Zorgonto.

The physical characteristics of the Zorgonto is a bit creepy. Their robes cover their head, and flow all the way down to their feet. An icy-blue color radiates from their eyes and hands. It's almost like the color of the dead. When they show their colors, it's no different than the Prizorgonto or the Malbronoj Ombroj. One big characteristic with this particular Lucid is they are the ones that battle the Malbronoj Ombroj. Between the Prizorgonto and the Zorgonto, the Zorgontos are the stronger ones in battle.

The Malbronoj Ombroj

Now we come to the stuff of nightmares. The Malbronoj Ombroj, or the Dark Ones, are created when the person did evil things with no remorse. The person was born this way. In the third story, "Dark Becomes Forever," Tyler did many things, such as finding out what his sister did to achieve her accomplishments, and sending the evidence to his father, her college, and the law firm she was going to work for when she graduated. The band he created with his friends took on their own power because of him. There are a lot of things he did, too many to name here, but in the end, he was murdered by his sister.

The physical characteristics are quite disturbing. They too, wear the cloak from head to toe, but the hood on the cloak is always off the head. The cloak, however, is a living cloak. When they are about to battle, several appendages spawn from the cloak to enshroud the lineage they are attacking. At the end of each appendage are a set of claws. A black fire envelopes each claw. When they murder a part of the lineage, the appendages lift the person in the air, slams them down, while the claws are inserted into the flesh. The fire cauterizes each wound. A deep crimson color radiates from their eyes and hands. This is the only Lucid that will kill a part of their lineage. This is detailed through the book.

Only the Beginning...

By detailing each Lucid, I hope you have a slight understanding of what they are and what they represent. In future posts, I will explain, in further detail, how they function on a day-to-day basis, and will also talk about the Forest of Chaos. The Forest of Chaos is the home they reside in, but why is this particular forest important to them? Stay tuned to another post on the Lucids, and wonder why kind of Lucid you would be.