Quite the intro, isn't it? Many people are still figuring out this exact question. Who are you? Well, it's a hard question to answer. All of us try to explain ourselves by saying where we were born, who our parents are, what degrees we have, what jobs we have, etc. Those are good answers, but they don't explain "who" we are.

I'll explain from my point of view. I was born in Irving, TX, but I reside somewhere in GA. My bachelor's degree was in the criminal justice field with a specialization of Cybercrime studies, but became an administrative assistant before writing my first book. Those are good answers, right? To an extent, but they aren't "who" I am.

The location of where I was born is irrelevant. I no longer live there, and I don't live and breathe whatever state I live in. The degree I acquired no longer represents who I used to be. Sure, I still do some IT on the side, but it's now mostly for friends and family. The job I used to have, well, I hated it. It paid the bills, but with a price. Now the author part, that is an interesting story.

So "who" am I? It feels like I'm answering the question asked by Absolem, the caterpillar from "Alice in Wonderland". The first thing is I'm inquisitive. I ask questions and seek out the answers to these questions. I've done my diligence to research what I can so I can form an opinion of a topic. I don't like jumping to conclusions, but when I'm wrong, I hold myself accountable.

The second thing is my mind. Millions of people are diagnosed with major depressive disorder, along with many other mental illnesses. I am included. Knowing I've had this mental illness since I was little, it became a part of me. I understand some of my triggers, I know what to stay away from, and I know how to ground myself when my anxiety runs high.

The third thing is I've had a battered life. For four years, I was with someone that nearly broke my son and I. My son's father, well, that one is a different story. After therapy, medication, and turn-arounds in my life, I know what I am worth. I might not be worth anything to some people, but to my loved ones, I am worth more than anything.

The final thing is that special little "author" part. For many years, I have written small horror/paranormal stories that detailed some sort of human suffering, whatever it may be. Parts of me are in these stories, in one form or another. My Lucid Universe Series is a different creature. I wrote five short stories that detailed how a person starts to communicate with the Lucids (more on the Lucids in a future post), and they had positive feedback when I published them on WattPad. I combined them into one book, which was just the start of this tremendous universe I started to create.

Why is the "author" part of who I am? Well, it's a form of therapy and understanding. It is easier for me to convey my inner thoughts into my work. It is easier for me to show you what exactly this universe is, and why it's so important to read these stories. I write about lessons learned, insights into situations you might have never thought of, and a way to communicate the possibilities outside of our living universe.

I hope you enjoyed this little intro into who I am. In the near future, I am going to introduce you to the Lucids, and who they are. Humanity has always strived to learn about the afterlife, but we will never know the real truth. The Lucids Universe Series is paranormal fantasy, but with a bit of a twist. Are you ready to open the Lucids Universe together, and discover who you are?