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I run on-line, live-stream yoga classes, please see my website for details

Drawing on over two decades of practice Luci has a rich experience to share. Through the connection to mind, body and spirit, her aim is to support students into a deeper sense of embodiment in their lives. 
Her vinyasa flow classes are strong and accessible, with creative sequences and a connection to the breath throughout. 
Luci is course leader on the 200-hour vinyasa flow teacher training with YogaLondon and writes and delivers CPD’s for 500-hour teacher trainings on Mudras, Restorative Yoga and Mastering Props. 
Her deep knowledge of the science and philosophy of yoga enriches her teaching. She combines self-practice with a range of classes in London and India, where she spends a couple of months annually. 
Key influences include; Marco Aicardi, Erika Tourell, Rahan Kebe, Aki Amori and Rupert Spira. Her practice is rooted in