Buy Łukasz Marczak a coffee


Hi my name is Łukasz, I’m an Erasmus Coordinator form Poland, in my free time I love to take pictures and listen to music.

I created this page hoping to find persons who’d like to help me grow and improve as a hobbyist photographer, persons who saw my pictures and thought to themselves “well he deserves to get a coffee for what he does”. Although I take on odd jobs from time to time, I’d love to keep photography as a passion that I can retreat to from my everyday job. For me photography is an immortalized moment, magic of light, truth lined with illusion and illusion lined with truth. Most of the persons you see on my Instagram, Facebook and web page are “amateurs” that never had a serious photo shoot before, they trusted me with their modelling experience and you can witness what we managed to accomplish together.

I broke my first camera – my parents Practica when I was about 3 years old, since then with some twist of fate I always went back to taking pictures. I took up on photography seriously at the age of 17 when I joined Piłas Photocreativegroup. Later, this hobby gradually evolved through various phases: street photography, reportage, concert reportage until one day, at the urging of friends, I started to take portraits.

I discovered the power of portraiture, how it can help another person look at her- or himself from a different perspective, reinvent themselves. I realized that a well-made picture will not only help to keep the fleeting moment forever, to later recall memories, but can make the photographed person see themselves in the light in which others see her – wonderful and beautiful. In our daily pursuit, focused on a thousand small matters, buried with millions of beautiful, colorful images, we often forget to stop for a moment and appreciate ourselves. A little while later, pushed by my friend I took on boudoir, which I discover and rediscover with each subsequent shoot, because it is as unique form of expression as any of my models. Portrait and boudoir strengthen: body, mind and soul. They remind us that although you cannot always feel sexy and beautiful in everyday life, you are the one who makes someone lose their breath. Boudoir is much more than photos in underwear; it is a journey full of expression, changing how you perceive yourself, changing your way of one’s thinking.

Portrait and boudoir photography teach you to see the best in you. Perhaps you are one of those people who, when looking in the mirror, can point out their flaws, but thanks to photography you can realize that they make you unique and perfect. Overcome your fears, let them go into oblivion and believe in yourself.

I would love to continue improving with my photography so I could become better at capturing my models, so I could help them feel more confident and stronger. I also want to push my own limits and become better at what I do.

Thank you for your support and warm greetings form Poland!