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Hi there! My screen name is Luxinda Swirl, and I started my YouTube adventure in fluid art, specifically acrylic paint pouring. That was fun, but over time I found myself drawn more and more to working with resin. And once I was working with resin, I gravitated almost immediately to resin tumblers (with the more glitter, the better). That's pretty much all I concentrate on these days, with the exception of the some unboxing videos and some resin pouring into molds when new, interesting ones come out. If you've gotten this far, I'm impressed. If you'd like to help me out beyond watching all the ads that pop up before, during and after my YouTube videos, then feel free to buy me a cuppa here on this page. And you have my undying thanks (not for the jittery hands I'll have from too much coffee, but in general for being a nice, generous person)!!