Buy M1087FMTV a adult beverage


Hi! May we introduce you to Bantha? This is the first M1087FMTV (family of medium tactical vehicles) released to civilian possession, and to date, the only one converted to a tiny house on wheels. We live in this rig full-time and are traveling the US.   We share our journey of downsizing from two houses, the build-out, our travels and experiences, living tiny, the challenges of life on the road, the good, the bad, the ugly.  We answer 100's of emails, IG messages, calls and comments every year, and we are happy to do so.  Many people say we've inspired them to take a leap and do something they've been wanting to do.   When asked what our favorite part of all of this is, we both agree, it is the people we meet along the way.  We'd prefer to sit and visit with you over a cold beverage.  Often people ask how they could support us, this is it.   Thank you!