Hi!  May we introduce you to Bantha?  This is the first M1087FMTV (family of medium tactical vehicles) released to civilian possession, and to date, the ONLY one converted to a tiny house on wheels.  We live in this rig full-time and are traveling the US.  We plan on traveling internationally in the future.   For now, we are having a blast in the US.  Often we are asked what is our favorite part of this life.  We both agree, it is the people we meet along the way.  Second is the beauty of the US, there is so much to see and experience, it would take a lifetime+ to see it all.   The rig is special, as a former command center, with double slide-outs, we have massive space for an expedition RV.  Currently, there are 4 of these in civilian possession.  We have 2, and will begin another build-out sometime late 2022.  This home is currently looking for new owners to take on adventurous.

We answer hundreds of questions, calls and emails per year. If we've helped you in some small way, inspired you, or helped you solve one of your own build challenges, here is a way to give back. NOT required, always appreciated! (chances are we buy a beer instead) Thanks!

Come with us!

Link to any of our channels:  https://linkparty.me/m1087fmtv/


Zack & Krystal