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I hope you enjoy the monster list of deals I've curated! I've spent the last week doing nearly nothing other than making this list--which is hard amidst the holiday (and that I have a week-old baby at home!).

If you appreciate what I've done for you, would you buy me a coffee? I make no money with App Store affiliate links (Apple ended that program), so your support is the only way I can justify that time away from family. Thanks for your support!

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you're a good dude, that's why

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Thank you for all that you do! These are great lists!

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Happy Fatherhood!

Thanks Kit! Sorry for a delay in thanking you--baby 😉 -- I really appreciate the coffee (and desperately need it!). Make sure to check out mdmdeals next week because another epic deals list is upcoming!

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Hey, you rock! Thank you so much for the coffee! Gonna enjoy some tomorrow as I prep for Cyber Monday 🙂. Thank you!

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You are awesome, thank you so much!!