Buy My Data Protection World a tea


Hi. You might know me as Tony, Anthony, Shep or GrumbleDook, but if you work within Education and Technology there will have been something I have done over the years that will have touched your life.

I love to help people and have always shared as openly as I can, partly to give back to the community who has shared so much with me and also to pay it forward. That is never going to change, but there are times when people have said they want to give a little more thanks. 

Now that I am working for myself, even the little bits can be helpful and so if you feel like buying me a coffee (actually, I drink tea, herbal infusions, Pepsi Max and water ... but you get the picture) that this fantastic website gives you the opportunity.

Whether you have come here from Twitter, EduGeek, LinkedIn or other locations, I hope you have found what I have said and shared very useful. Help me to keep sharing.