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MEC 21 is an independent global news service founded by veteran international journalists with a passion for freedom of speech and factual news reporting.

The main goal is to provide the public with accurate, reliable and science-based information and data about the COVID 19 pandemic, especially focusing on aspects that are subject to censorship in major legacy media, as well as gross distortion and deliberate disinformation campaigns.

Still, MEC 21 sources its reports from both the major legacy media and from outlets that present opposing viewpoints. The goal is to give the audience a brief but fair and well-rounded report and analysis of the topics presented.

As a matter of policy, MEC 21 does not reveal the last names of its journalists, as well as its company officers, since nearly all of them live and work in countries with totalitarian state regimes that exercise harsh censorship, and punish freedom of the press and speech.

MEC 21 intends to do its part keeping the light of freedom burning in these dark and dangerous times. All it takes for the forces of evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.