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Whenever I do Improv, I feel more alive, creative, playful, spontaneous, energetic and light. This supports me in lots of ways as a Psychotherapist. I think improv and therapy work both feed and support each other - it’s successful co-dependent relationship! I ran two Improv workshops, specifically for therapists, with Therapist/Actor, Darrren Cheek in 2019, within the Relational Spaces community. The first three plays I went to see in London as a kid were Peter Pan, which starred a brilliant, young Mark Rylance, West Side Story and a Midsummer Nights Dream directed by the amazing Robert LePage - these all taught me that magic on stage is possible! I first discovered the delights of Improv during my exchange program, while studying at USM in Maine, USA, in 1997 and my film course at Emerson College in Boston in 1998, during my Drama degree, and I’ve been attending improv classes and jams in London and Improv festivals (Edinburgh International Improv Fest and Athens, Greece) since 2015. I worked in film & TV in Los Angeles from 1999 for few years as a Camera Loader/Clapper, Production Assistant, and I briefly played a Cop in a movie with the rapper, Coolio! I raised almost $4k for HIV/AIDS in California by cycling 600 miles alongs the Pacific Coast Highway in one week and putting on a concert of 20 women singer-songwriters, including myself, in LA in 2003. I did my 4-year MA training in Mindfulness-based (Core Process) Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute on wild Dartmoor, 2007-2011.