With great gratitude and joy, I welcome you to my page and consider you as my friend from now on. I feel enormous happiness as well as respect from your visit. Since I am a spiritual consultant and astrologer I have long known that people of the same energies and vibrations are attracting each other. That's why I realize with whom I have the honour to meet and take a common path for answers to the questions that have not been answered yet. You are a wonderful human being and despite your success and recognition you are full of pain, sorrow, and misunderstanding. You are looking for peace, love, family, perhaps even greater financial freedom, health and loving touch. You have a great desire to really belong somewhere. You do not understand why the surrounding is playing so much with your soul and feelings, and why you're being so badly treated. You are a person who is, despite your success and desire for even greater success, wounded due to the mercilessness of people, but not defeated. You suffer emotionally and your health begins to undermine. You approach life with wearing your heart on your sleeve and yet you take one stroke after another. Thank you for not giving up your life and looking for a way to your own knowledge and happiness. I did it and you CAN DO IT AS WELL! I have understood the karma and its strong influence on our lives and I have accepted 100% responsibility for my life. I decided not to be a victim or a modern slave of today's internet and media society. I have found my inner peace, success and happiness. I HAVE MY LIFE UNDER CONTROL!