This album is a picture tutorial of a Harlequin Starweaver that Jake is currently working on. The black prime for this way airbrushed but the rest of the model has been done almost exclusively with dry brushing. This cosmic scheme is done in layers of pastel colors drybrushed in overlapping "galaxies." This can be achieved with any color combination that you choose. The main point is to build up thin layers of color through the drybrush this will effectively blend your colors for you in a seemless way. Once you are happen with the background hull you can move on to the flecking. This is achieved here through the use of a cool white color and a warmer yellow. The flecking is done with a hard bristle in our case we use a stiff toothbrush. The brush is coated with paint to which you run your thumb over to create a splattering effect on the model. This technique will give you random flecks of paint that resemble stars of varying sizes. Again the technique is what is important here and the colors of flecking are your personal preference. Lastly with this particular model there are etchings on the ship that emphasize the different panels of the hull, vents, and openings. Jake decided to highlight these grooves with a Gold metallic paint. This gives a very clean pronounced look to the different segments of the hull, it is a nice contrast to the swirling background. It allows you to visualize both the ship and the cosmic background as a singular object. This is also a fun feature of this model that you can customize to your own aesthetic, you have the ability to highlight or shadow parts of the model depending on how much of the etching you focus on, as well as what colors you choose to paint with.

Since this is a work in progress we will update on the model when it is a finished product!