Hello from Million Mile Blondie! I am so thankful and grateful for your suppot and love! On April 6th, 2020 my beloved airline closed down due to Covid. I was part time coaching and full time flying at the time. It was a big surprise when we were given the news that our airline was closing!

That is when I decided to help motivate my friends to stop crying, pick them-self up and figure out their next steps in life. I created Virtual Coffee Chat, it is a space where the ladies can get support, motivation and love without judgement. Helping the women to get back on their feet inspired me to move into my passion of helping others live their dream.

I have now launched my Million Mile Blondie Podcast to help motivate and uplift women all over the world. It is my passion and my vision to help their dream become a reality with your support together we can make a difference.