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Hello! My name is María Pía, I am from Argentina👋🏻👋🏻 and since I can remember I always said that when I grew up I wanted to "draw". And here I am being grown up and trying to draw to make that little Pía proud of what I became today

I dedicate myself to illustrating digitally and traditionally (with paper and pencil), I carry out these two techniques in different ways, you see, when I draw on paper, my works are usually quite simple, black lines and some details in gold or white. On the other hand, in digital I use several colors, I leave you some images for you to contemplate.

I hope you like my art and can help me to continue producing.

As a thank you, I can give you a digital or traditional digitized illustration, if you leave me your social networks, I can upload them to my instagram and tag them to “deliver” your prize. (It will not be instantaneous of course, it may take me a few days to make the present. You can ask for whatever you want)