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Hey guys how are ya 👋 I just created this page so here is a little about myself. I have a passion for creating everything from Decorations for Parties, Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Souvenirs, Centerpieces, Cards, Food, Treats, Cookies anything that has to do with bringing people together. I have been doing it for years but due to Covid and the pandemic my husband and I are unemployment even though being a mom of five is a job within its self so it never ends. So he suggest i open a small online shop and create things to sell. I have started with jewelry creations like mask chains, bracelets, glasses chain, rings and necklaces. Its been really tuff juggling everything from scratch but im working on it. But what i really love to do is bookbinding. Im an avid Reader my husband says that I have around two hundred books and they are all romance novels. I like anything related to paper and stationary. I love when September comes around and i get to buy the kids their school supplies. My husband says im all over the place but wish me luck. You can now buy me a Book if you like to support!


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