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Hi, I'm Michelle Stimpson. Love is my life's purpose. Words are the means of fulfilling that purpose, and I'm grateful for the opportunities that have come across my path because of them. Those opportunities have allowed me to meet wonderful people (like you!) who love what I do, want me to keep doing it, and want me to do more of it (like yesterday) because it blesses them. 

Though I have written dozens of books, I've spent much more time in private journaling. You see, my mother was injured in a serious car accident when I was 12 years old. I started keeping a journal to deal with the stress of suddenly becoming the "interim mother" to my two younger brothers. This is where I believe God used words & journaling to save my life. I'm a living witness to the centering sense of direction, love, stress-relief, and encouragement that comes from journaling. I still journal regularly. It is my free therapy, it's where I remember my purpose, it's where I make major life decisions and reflect on them over time. It's where I tell the whole truth, get mad at God, make up, see my mistakes, and smile at myself again.

I did not fully realize until I sat in a workshop in 2021 that many women are struggling to journal, consequently missing the opportunity to hear their own voices and the loving voice of God resonating from within. (I mean, you can't "be still and know" if you're never still enough to hear anything!)

So, I decided to do something about it. That summer, "Journaling with Gi-Gi" launched with readers/friends joining me twice a month (virtually) for writing, reflection and a time of vulnerable sharing. There is so much healing in journaling, and I want more of this for more women across the country and around the globe. Here are a few testimonials shared after the first year:

* I finally felt peace about my journaling journey.

* It gives me the sense of connectedness, community, Sisterhood that is so desperately needed right now.

* I love the topics you have chosen so far. They really cause me to look closely at myself and my behaviors.

* Just grateful for set aside time to be still with my thoughts.

My membership and coffee-buying supporters will help more women find peace, connectedness, and clarity through our journaling times. Supporters will also help fund the technology to scale the program while keeping the huddles small enough to provide safe, personable spaces for women to speak their truth.

It also takes time, often seclusion, and always mental headspace to prepare for the sessions. Those who support me through cups of coffee and membership will free me to concern myself fully with connecting, encouraging, and loving on people in the women's journaling community. 

Thank you so much! Be blessed!