Buy Michael T. Bhatty a coffee


Hi folks,

did you enjoy the world of the videogame SACRED or the official novels for FarCry or Runes of Magic (German versions)?

Then you know some of my works: I am Michael T. Bhatty from Germany. I write fantasy; I write fiction and action - very adult and very dark. Sometimes I draw and paint to visualise my stories, so the essence is:

I tell stories and create worlds!

I have been a Lead Game Designer, an Executive Producer and Game Design Consultant and Games novel author in the German Games industry.

The project I present to you now is my fantasy saga of KYLE. It is a sensual and violent tale of love and hate, lust, greed and desire and wrath—very old school, very European.

The first part of the English translation is available now at Amazon as eBook and print, while I’m writing the next part of the tale in German as well.

Also, check out the artworks conveying the motives of my tale.

Thank you for your support. And I love to share a drink with you.