The update is installed, and I've been exploring the differences that Android 13 has brought to the Fold 3. The Galaxy devices have been getting their updates to Android 13, aka One UI 5.0, for a few weeks now and I'm glad to see it finally come to the AT&T varient of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. One thing I've noticed immediately is the graphics and animations are much smoother and faster than they were on Android 12L. My battery doesn't seem to be draining as fast, but that's something that might change after a few days of the software and hardware getting to know each other. The update brings a few new features to the Fold 3, including new color themeing options, new Modes to go along with the Bixby Routines, a new section in settings to manage all connected devices, new labs to force landscape view for apps that only do portrait view, a new Maintenance mode for when you have to have your phone repaired. There are so many other little tweaks, some are just visual effects, some are under-the-hood performance tweaks, but all are welcome.