Buy MTNReacts a beer


Hello and welcome to the MTN "Buy Me A Coffee" Page. 

You are reading this because you have probably clicked on one of the links in one of my video descriptions and want to add a tip as you enjoyed the video? 

I started making YouTube videos back in December 2019 and never in a million years expected the channel to grow the way it has and for a community to form so quick. 

I pride myself on always making honest YouTube videos regardless of the "always positive" trend that seems to be on the rise within the reaction scene. 

A reaction video should be exactly that......a reaction! if you have to fake your content in order to gain views that is not fair to the viewer in my opinion. 

It is impossible for everyone out there to like the same music and music in general is so subjective. On my channel I will always tell you what I like and in some cases what I don't like. Again, there are certain channels out there that only make "positive" reactions in order to gain views and subscribers. 

I have never once faked a reaction and I never intend to start. 

So that is my probably already know that because you wouldn't be on this page had you not watched any of my videos before. 

Thank you so much in advance for even considering throwing a little tip my way. 

If you want to know what I spend any of the money that comes in as a result of making YouTube content it all goes back into my studio and software I use to create the videos. 

I have monthly subscriptions for the software I use and my setup you see on camera is already well over £2000 so far as to what I have spent on making it look good enough for YouTube.