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I create 3d erotic illustrations and occasionally publish erotic stories on Amazon.

I am a stay-at-home mom who is passionate about creating erotic stories and erotic illustrations. I've published 10 erotic stories that are available on Amazon.

I started doing all of this as a means of making some extra money from something I love doing. I'm proud of the 500+ images I've made over the past year, and have made them available for all to view on my public galleries at

If donating to me is something you wish to do to help support the erotic content I'm making, know that I truly appreciate it!

Thanks for checking out my page and for your support of my art!

-xoxo Elyria

Steve bought a coffee.

Love all your work!  Happy to be a supporter on Patreon.  Looking forward to your future creations.

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Awesome gallery I tumbled across at random! I'm already thinking about how one of my OCs might fit to one of yours in a commission, but so far I'm not sure. Keep up the sexy work. 👍 

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Your work is incredible and you've been improving consistently! Happy to support you on Patreon but wanted to give a separate thanks here! Your Claire post today is perfect! Keep it up!

Hey, thanks so much WorshipFuta!  I'll keep trying my best!