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Nov 03

All right, that's it.

Now that I've reviewed Ghostbusters: Afterlife, I'm gonna leave social media, haha.I might be on to check occasionally, or post another review or two, but besides that, you won't see many (or any?) projects from me.Love y'all. All...two of you. Goodbye.(Yes, MVW 2 will still be updated to 1.8.1 on November 30th.)

Nov 18

Ghostbusters Afterlife review:

Extremely funny, but serious when it needed to be. All of the characters were great, Trevor and Phoebe especially. The fanservice was there, but not too in your face.Just a really, really good movie.10/10That driver's license joke was great.

Nov 18


THE OTHER ONE JUST CAME OUTWHAThttps://twitter.com/LVJYonline/status/1461059224390320134?t=20kt66ie0BuGPVCMF_8dAQ&s=19

Nov 17

The Future of Maddox White.

I will be posting a review of Ghostbusters: Afterlife on November 18th, and I will leave social media shortly afterwardsMWV 2 1.8.1 will release on November [email protected] is scheduled to run until December 9th, AKA The Game AwardsI might come back. I probably won't. Nobody will be waiting for me anyways.Goodbye in advance.

Nov 17

MWV 2 will be updated on November 30th.


Nov 17

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