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Hi and welcome to my support page.
My name is Swapnil and I am a game developer and programmer. I love making games and I am very much passionate about it. I have more than 3 years of experience and want to share my knowledge with people in need so that they can bring their ideas to life.

I am the creator of Youtube channel Madfireon which is focused on creating games and game arts.

Creating games is a very challenging task and it takes lots of efforts, especially if you are Indie like me. So through my youtube channel, I want to help you in your journey of game development with the powerful Unity Engine.


On the channel, you will find lots of useful TUTORIALS on creating game arts and games and all of them are FREE!
- 2D Game Arts (Inkscape)
- Car vs Cops (Unity)
- Falling Animals (Unity)
- 2D Platformer Tips (Unity)
- Voxel Art (Magica Voxel)

The content on my channel is just the beginning. I have lots of ideas buzzing in my head. You can check out my Unity Assets, all of them have some unique mechanism and techniques on which I can create tutorials and share knowledge.

Why Support?

By supporting me you can HELP me continue making regular game development tutorials (1 video minimum weekly). You can cancel the support anytime you want.

You will be paying me once each month.

Supports gets all my game art, game source codes for FREE which you can use for commercial purposes.

Where I can download assets?

I will be posting new assets every month and will also notify you on youtube channel. In future, I may make a site for all followers for assets download (coming in future).

What do I do with Money?

I love teaching and want to create as many tutorials as I can and help you guys to make amazing games.

But I need time.

Without your support I have to spend a lot of my time working on things not related to the channel to earn money for food, rent and other expenses.
I want to work on my channel and bring new and amazing game dev series and I need your support. Hope you guys will support me.

Thank You!