Hello you beautiful soul. Thank you for wanting to sit down and buy me a coffee! I have so much to tell you but I’ll keep it short, I promise because in everyone’s busy days, time is valuable!

 As being a artist since I was little and learning digital art recently, I thought I’d share with you all my adventures and the journey of practice makes perfect! 

I do commissions, stickers, prints, and soon to be pins with the right help! I'm currently in the search for a good, reliable, webpage to start selling my products on. 

I eventually want to start my own shop full of kawaii (cute) things for everyone to enjoy and even do tutorials on how to expand your skills like I have and will do over time! I've come along way with help from others so I would love to share my experiences and help you too! 

I love doing anime, cats, cute objects, animals, logos for peoples business and more! Put me up to the challenge. 

Thank you for the chat! I must go now; the tablet awaits me but don’t forget to check out my other socials for new and fun projects 💕☺️