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Hello 👋

My name is Makambe and I am an actor, writer, and content creator. I work primarily in professional theatre, and I am currently branching out into film/TV and online content creation.

I believe that stories are one of the most incredible aspects of the human experience. They are powerful and necessary, and they deserve to be cherished, appreciated, and constantly generated. We all deserve to see ourselves represented in the stories that circulate our media, and my hope is that by continuing to add my authentic perspective into our contemporary ether, I will encourage others to do the same. On top of that, YES to being a Black female creator who is thrilled to be herself and honor her heritage and honesty through her work.

Your donation will support my intention to be of service to my community through telling and teaching stories. It is my goal to continue to use this ancient art form in innovative ways, and as the vessel through which to connect, release, inspire, empower, and heal. 

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

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Thank you for your work! 

Kunji Mark Ikeda
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I can't tell you how much your thoughts and art have impacted me. Thank you for your enormous strength, and I am sorry I couldn't support you more deeply // connect more meaningfully while we lived in the same place.

Marcia Liber
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I love you so much.  I will support you endlessly and unconditionally to the best that I can.  Thank you for everything you do and what you consciously and unconsciously inspire everyone around you to do.  💙

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Maraming salamat po. You are the artist of our generation and it is a blessing to bear witness to your work. 💕💕💕